Unleash The Beast Each 🎥

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T-Sky Fireworks 500G Multi Shot Cakes. Sold as Each. Assortment of 4 cakes with 8 shots box series with 4 racks of 2inch ball all with different particular tails up and V shape shooting finale: A: Color palm tail to skyblue dahlia with lemon, orange and blood red! Feel the flashing neon break in the sky! B: Gold pine tail to gold pine tree with red strobe, green strobe and red palm tree! See power of pure gold from it! C: Ti flower willow tail to ti flower willow with blue star, red strobe and silver strobe! You bet the best ti flower willow ever met! D: Brocade tail to brocade crown dark to giant crackling flowers, tremendously blooming as the finale of the whole box series! 8 Shots. 23 Seconds.

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