Black Site Armaments (6 Inch)

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1. Whistling tail to neon orange w/ blue peony
2. Whistling tail to brocade crown to timerain
3. Whistling tail to gold willow and brocade crown to white strobe tips
4. Whistling tail to gold willow to gold rain w/ red lace
5. Whistling tail to red wave
6. Green palm tree w/ yellow lace
7. Brocade crown to green tips w/ color falling leaves
8. Gold rain with spitting purple palm tail
9. Red palm tail rising to brocade crown w/ white strobes
10. Green palm tail rising to gold willow to green tips w/ green strobes
11. Red palm tail rising to brocade and gold willow w/ red strobes
12. R/W/B peony with silver flying fish
13. Brocade and gold willow w/ color pearl pistil
14. Nishiki and white strobe mine to Nishiki kamuro w/ white strobes
15. Double layer timerain mine to double stage timerain
16. Gold rain w/ purple pistil
17. Blue ring with white strobe pistil
18. Red palm ring

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